Here we go...

April 27th 2020

Working on Virtual Bassett Rescue

July 23rd 2020

Back at it. Cleaned up the site abit and added Lamb Chops in BBQ and Tzatziki in appetizers.

July 25rd 2020

Back at it. Chicken Kebabs now in in BBQ, Spicy Feta Spread in sides (goes really well as dippage for the lamb chops and kebabs) and a great 7 hour leg of lamb in mains.

December 2nd 2020

Stuck in this AirBnB for another month so decided to add a recipe.

February 28th 2021

Stuck in reno world so added a couple of chicken recipes and added a new category - breakfast.

September 2021

Added a dessert (strawberry shortcake) and new BBQ salad.

November 2021

Added pizza and Chicken Lababdar in Mains.

November 2021

Added Naan in Sides.

January 2023

Added Cacio e Pepe in Mains.

Added Shortbread Cookies in Dessert.

February 10 2023

Added Cheesecake in Dessert.

Added Honey Ribs in BBQ.

Added Lamb Popsicles in BBQ.

Added Ceaser Salad in Sides.

Added Corn Fritters in Breakfast.

Added Chevre Dip Salsa Fresca in Appetizers.

Added new category - Drinks.

Added Ginger Margarita in Drinks.

Added Eggnog in Drinks.

Added Brock's Margarita in Drinks.

Added Grand Lakes Pina Colada in Drinks.

February 11 2023

Added Superbowl Chili in Mains.

Added Garlic Bread in Sides.